Stonyfield Farm is an American company engaged in the production and distribution of organic yogurt. The company is headquartered in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Stonyfield Farm was founded in 1983 by Samuel Kaymen. It was first created as a school in organic farming and was originally based in Wilton, New Hampshire. When the family started producing their own organic yogurt, they started selling to local food stores. Eventually, Stonyfield Farm’s organic yogurt became popular through word of mouth and soon after the family started producing more and more organic yogurts as a side business, as they still considered the farming school their main business.

In 1983, Stonyfield Farm first produced fifty gallons of organic yogurt, a proof of how popular the farm’s yogurt had become. Two years after, Stonyfield Farm bought a new capping and filling machine and expanded from selling plain yogurts to serving yogurts in various flavors. Yogurt varieties included maple, strawberry, peach, vanilla, apricot and cappuccino.

In 1988, Stonyfield Farm built a new manufacturing plant in Londonberry. The new manufacturing plant was designed to accommodate the increasing demand for yogurt. In the succeeding years, Stonyfield Farm expanded its product line to include other products like yogurt drinks, ice cream and fluid milk.

In 2001,the French food company Groupe Danone bought 40% of Stonyfield Farms shares. Two years after, the same company bought additional shares of Stonyfield Farm, bringing its shares up to 85%.

In 2003, Stonyfield Farm was able to acquire Brown Cow. Three years after, the company entered into the French market under the ‘Les 2 Vaches’ brand. It also expanded its business to Canada, with a yogurt manufacturing facility located in Quebec.

In 2007, Stonyfield Farm first entered into the U.K. market through the yogurt brand Stony. The Stony brand was discontinued however, and was replaced with the Glenisk brand of organic yogurt.

Currently, Stonyfield Farm supplies the yogurt sold by East Coast’s Trader Joe’s. The company’s organic yogurts are also sold in leading supermarkets all over the United States. Its international expansions are also doing very well, supplying organic yogurts in the French, Canadian and European markets.

As the company’s way of giving back to the environment, Stonyfield Farm gives 10% of its profits to organizations and individuals who are working to protect and restore Mother Nature. The company’s process engineer’s are continuously looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and implement recycling of waste as much as possible.

Headquarters: New Hampshire, USA
Ownership Type: Private
No. of Employees: 200
Geography: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France
Demography: commercial dairy product consumers, yogurt lovers

Les 2 Vaches, Glenisk, Stony, YoBaby, Oikos

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