Remedy TeasRemedy Teas, just announced a product recall for two of its tea varieties: the peppermint organic tea and the organic herbal tea blend. These two products may possibly be contaminated with the Salmonella bacteria. The herbal teas, produced by Aromatics, Inc. did a company initiated recall of 20 lbs. of the peppermint organic tea variety.

The product recall was made after the batch tested positive for salmonella in a company routine sampling. The production of the herbal tea has temporarily been stopped while investigation is still on going. Remedy Teas has expressed that although the products may contain salmonella, the company is not the one who caused the contamination. The matter is currently being investigated by the company and FDA.

Number 120 Tranquility Herbal Tea and number 137 Peppermint Organic Tea was sold in Remedy Tea retail stores, as well as through internet orders and mail. At retail stores, the teas are sold after being measured according to orders. If the order is by mail or through the Internet, the teas are pre-packaged in 2-ounce pouches. There is no identifying batch mark on the packed products. Number 137 Herbal Tea was sold from January 18 to March 4 of this year. Purchases not along those dates are not included in the recall.

Salmonella can cause serious health problems. To those who have weakened immunity, salmonella infection can even be fatal in some cases. Currently, no salmonella infection related to the product recall has been reported.

Consumers who purchased the affected products are advised to return it to the store in order to get a full refund. They can also call Remedy Teas at 206 323 4832 for instructions in returning the product. A customer service representative will assist them regarding instructions for receiving a refund.