Stockpiling GroceriesAccording to Nathan Engles, co-creator of the website, stockpiling makes sense, financially speaking. Engels is considered to be an expert in stockpiling, as he once guided television crews through his huge stockpile of items at his home in Cincinnati.

Engles even has a term for stockpiling groceries at home. He calls it “stock-up-ortunity.” He believes in the idea of stocking up while it’s free. In the case of today’s food inflation, stockpiling can be viewed as buying a lot of something while it still is cheap. Below are a few tips to create a useful stockpile.

Choose a suitable area for placing your stockpile. Good money and effort might be wasted if your stockpile is placed in a place where there are pests present and water can get to it.

Create an organized stockpile. Arrange your stock pile such that the products that are soon to expire are placed at the front where they can easily be located.

Do not rush in building up a stockpile. Do not buy everything at once as this could lead you to committing the mistake of buying something you don’t have a use for.

Keep the stockpile out of your family’s sight. When the stockpile is easily accessed by members of the family, like kids seeing boxes of pop tarts on the pile, chances are they will not stop eating those pop tarts until there are none left. Keep your stockpile separate from the items stored on the cupboards.

Building a stockpile of your basic items is different than compulsive hoarding. Do not allow naysayers to bother your conscience or stop making smart choices when grocery shopping.