Protesters gather to deliver a petition to Walmart during an anti-gun protest in Danbury, ConnecticutFor more than a week, thousands have been demanding action and pressuring Walmart to cease its sale of assault weapons.

One of the rallies held last week saw four petitions delivered and a rally of survivors of gun violence and activists outside a Danbury, Connecticut, Walmart store. The petitions contained over 300,000 signatures., one of the participant groups, says that the retail giant makes it appealing and easy to buy assault weapons as well as ammunition.

Activists and various groups have continued to get more voices to join in the call to get Walmart to stop the sale of the weapons. Some of these organizers include Courage Campaign, MomsRising, and, who said at least 2,500 customers of the retailer have called the retailer’s Bentonville, Arkansas, corporate headquarters to persuade the company to pull the assault weapons from all their stores, with more calls being expected to continue. The battle has also been taken to the retailer’s Facebook page.

A spokesperson for the retailer made a statement saying that they strive to strike the balance between serving sportsmen and hunters while ensuring this is done responsibly. The representative also said that the weapons were only sold at locations that have a high concentration of sportsmen and hunters.

Following the Connecticut shooting incident, Walmart is reported to have pulled the assault weapon type used by the shooter, the Bushmaster Patrolman’s Carbine M4A3 Rifle, which was also pulled from the retailer’s website. The retail giant is thought to be the greatest ammunition and firearm seller in the nation.

Meanwhile, the protests and petitions continue.