Midwinter2013 WebSiteHeroFor the first time, the co-location of FMI’s Executive Conference and GMA’s Chairman Lecture, Dinner and Reception commenced. According to event attendees, this collaboration helped to enhance trade partner interactions, particularly for the future.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association series on Saturday was followed by the Food Marketing Institute’s football themed Midwinter kickoff on Sunday. The busy schedule for the midwinter series will have gatherings and business sessions carried on Monday, as well as Tuesday.

GMA CEO and President Pam Bailey said that the association was thrilled to be holding their event as the Midwinter Conference continues. Baileys sentiments were shared by Chairman of J.M. Smucker Co., Tim Smucker, who also praised the two event co-location as it had enabled the over 400 attendees representing the industry to be part of a larger event.

Present FMI Chairman and COO and President of Harris Teeter Fred Morganthall was presented with GMA’s Industry Collaboration Leadership Award. The partnering theme was underscored by speakers at the Grocery Manufacturers Association event. The midwinter collaboration opportunities also included some strategic executive exchanges gatherings conducted between the various trading partners.

Tim Smucker and Danny Wegman were awarded the Hall of Achievement Awards during the 2013 GMA Chairman Lecture. Wegman is CEO of Wegmans Food Markets. In his address at the association’s event, he encouraged the industry companies to initiate programs to help battle diabetes and other health concerns such as obesity. Smucker’s acceptance speech touched on teamwork and he talked of personal collaborations and professional partnerships that he had made in his life that had proved beneficial to him.