Riverview Poultry Ltd. is a privately owned Canadian poultry-processing company based in Ontario, Canada.

Riverview Poultry’s history started in 1960 when Greek immigrants Elias Demakakos, Petros Vassilakos, Anastasios Apostolakos and Anastasios Georgakakos decided to settle in Smithville, Ontario. Together with their families, these four business-minded Greek immigrants started to engage in poultry farming.

During those times, transition was taking place in poultry farming, even though there were very limited automation systems. Feed had to be distributed to the poultry by hand. This kind of development in the poultry industry did not discourage the four from learning the poultry business from scratch. Soon, their farms were self-sustained and eventually, conditions in the poultry industry began to improve. This was in 1965, during the establishment of the Chicken Marketing Board.

In 1993, the four sons (Louie Vassilakos, John Georgakakos, Angelo Georgakakos, Bill Dremetsikas and Peter Apostolakos) of the Greek immigrant partners bought Cayuga’s Grand River Facility. After the purchase, the new owners named it Riverview Poultry. Because these four had not been exposed to the operations of running a poultry-processing business (they preferred to focus on different areas, like engineering, self-employment, and finance), they had to learn everything from the ground up, just as their fathers’ had.

For almost fifteen years, the poultry processing business ran smoothly and efficiently. However, in August of 2007, a fire burned down the Cayuga plant. The fire disaster put the company on hold for about two years. Fortunately, Riverview Poultry was able to come out of the tragedy and started work on designing a new plant in Smithville. When completed, the new facility contained state-of-the-art equipment. This new facility allowed the company to expand its operations into a number of areas in the retail industry. Today, Riverview Poultry is slowly continuing to look for more opportunities to improve and continue to grow in the business of poultry processing.

Riverview Poultry specializes in roasters, making sure that the company’s products are of top quality and have an excellent shelf life. The company focuses on roasters because of its high meat yield, which makes it a very good product for further processing. All of its products are shipped the same day of processing.

Headquarters: Smithville, Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Retail food companies, foodservice operators

Riverview Poultry

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