Texas-based Agromod Produce, Incorporated has announced a recall for their papayas due to a possible bacterial contamination.

The company has recalled papayas sold under the brands Blondie, Mañanita, Tastylicious and Yaya. These papayas are believed to be contaminated by Salmonella. The papayas were sold before July 23 and were also distributed in wholesale and retail stores all over the country, as well as in Canada.

Products which were recalled were imported from Mexico. To identify these papayas, the ones sold under the Blondie brand have an orange and blue sticker label with white and green lettering that states “Blondie 4395 Mexico.” Papayas sold under the Yaya brand have red, green, yellow and orange-colored labels, with a red and green lettering stating “Yaya Premium Papayas Yaya PLU 4395 Mexico.” Mañanita brand papayas are identified by a red, green and yellow label stating “Mexico Mañanita 4395.” Tastylicious brand papayas are identified by a blue and white sticker with white and red lettering stating “4395 Tastylicious MEXICO.”

The salmonella bacterium is a common and harmful bacterial food contaminant. Food poisoning caused by this bacterium can lead to potentially fatal health emergencies. Common symptoms of Salmonella infection include high fever, nausea, stomach pains, bloody diarrhea/diarrhea and vomiting.

The papayas are possibly connected to 97 cases of Salmonella agona that have been reported. Of the 97 cases, 10 were hospitalized. These cases happened in 23 different states in the country. The reason for the suspicion is the fact that two samples of papaya collected at Agromod tested positive for Salmonella agona. The rest of the shipment that contained the contaminated papayas is still under investigation.

Consumers who bought papayas under these brands are strongly advised to return them to the store or call 800-385-7658 for any recall related concerns.