With the massively increasing popularity of coupons come the existence of new couponing websites and daily deal sites. Groupon, one of the pillar companies in the coupon industry, is even going public, another proof of just how far the industry of couponing has come. However, with this positive development comes a rise in the quantity of coupon complaints from consumers.

According to a new survey, consumer complaints regarding group coupons are significantly increasing. Group coupons are those deals that are activated when a specific number of people sign up for the deal. The survey was conducted by the Consumer Federation of America and was participated in by 18 states and 31 agencies. The most common reason for complaints were misleading terms on deals and coupons. For instance, complaint cases regarding a coupon’s expiration date are among the most common.

Not all complaints go unresolved though, as some consumers do get their money refunded with the help of their local consumer protection agencies. Consumers believe that disclosures on coupons are not adequate, especially when it comes to resolving issues with unclear terms on the deals. For these types of complaints, consumers can report or express their complaints to their state’s agency for consumer protection.

Complaints about coupons and deals are not ranked among the top 10 most complained about industries, but being identified as an area with an increasing number of complaints is cause for concern. These complaints need to be remedied by coupon and daily deals companies to prevent consumers from losing faith in their services.