Simply 7 Snacks, LLC rolled out its new Hummus Chips during a food exposition that was held in the first quarter of this year. As hummus has always been considered a well-liked snack, not only in the United States, but in a number of countries around the world as well, a lot of consumers will surely enjoy snacking on these hummus Chips from Simply 7.

There is more than one flavor to this new snack food, and all flavors were presented by the company during the NCA food expo. Hummus Chips are basically made from chickpeas; chickpea flour specifically. These chips are all made with genuine flavors. All varieties of these hummus chips are free from genetically modified organisms, are free from gluten and are cut into bite-sized chips. These chips also contain a good amount of iron and protein.

The available flavors of this new snack include Sea Salt, Spicy Chili Pepper and Tomato Basil. The Sea Salt variety is added with just a pinch of sea salt. The tomato basil variety offers snack lovers a garden fresh taste and the spicy chili flavor offers snack lovers a kick of smoky taste. With these four flavors, people will be able to enjoy the creamy flavor that is uniquely found in hummus.

Simply 7’s Hummus Chips are available in food retail establishments all over the United States. Suggested price for a 5-ounce bag is $2.99. These chips, when sold online, are available in a pack of 12 bags, each bag having a net weight of 5 ounces. These chips are all produced in the United States.