Alouette Cheese, LLC is a company engaged in the production of gourmet cheeses and other cheese products. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA.

In the early part of the 1970s, French company Bongrain entered the U.S. market through its specialty cheese products. Bongrain is a company that produces a number of cheese products, mostly specialty cheeses, that were first sold in Europe. Already a known specialty cheese company in Europe, Bongrain started to expand its operations in the United States. In 1974, Bongrain worked with another cheese company from Pennsylvania and created the Alouette® Spreadable Cheese. The first spreadable cheese product that the company made had a garlic and herb flavor, inspired by traditional French recipes which have been adapted to suit the American taste.

Alouette Cheese LLC, USA was formed in the year 1990 to bring the cheese production facilities of Bongrain into the United States.

In the years following its formation, the company’s spreadable cheese product (under the Alouette® brand) changed its packaging as a response to consumer requests asking for a more attractive and convenient container. The new spreadable cheese container allowed consumers to take the product from the refrigerator and straight to the dinner table. This new packaging also offered more attraction with its French-style ramekin container, which made the spreadable cheese perfect to serve for any occasion.

Like its parent company, Alouette Cheese reinforces strict standards in the quality of its products. This has always been its policy since the company was formed. Part of the company’s priorities is to listen to consumer feedback and make innovations in order to offer consumers new products. This is why Bongrain and the company’s products are popular and trusted worldwide in the area of specialty cheeses.

Currently, the company produces and distributes the following cheese products: Alouette® (Spreadable Cheese, Baby Brie®, Elégante®, Crème Fraîche, Crumbles) Délice de France®, Chavrie®, Creme de Brie® and New Holland® Snacking Havarti. Alouette®, over the years, has become a top-selling brand in the country, not only in specialty cheeses, but also in spreadable cheeses, as well.

Headquarters: New Holland, Pennsylvania
Ownership Type: a subsidiary company of French company Bongrain SA,
No. of Employees:  information not available
Geography: worldwide
Demography: cheese products consumers

Alouette®, Alouette® Baby Brie®, Délice de France®, Chavrie®, Crème de Brie®, Alouette® Elégante®, Crème de Brie®, New Holland®

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