SnappleSnapple Beverage Corporation is an unadulterated beverage manufacturing company and the number 1 seller of iced tea in the U.S. It is owned by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. The company manufactures iced tea, lemonade, juice drinks and water.

Snapple Beverage Corporation was founded by friends Hyman Golden, Arnold Greenberg, and Leonard Mash in 1972. The company was first called Unadulterated Food Products Inc. and it was opened in New York. At that time, Greenberg had a health food store in Manhattan, and Mash and Golden were running a window washing business. The trio started making fruit juices and sold it to health food stores. In 1978, they introduced a new product, carbonated apple juice and called it ‘Snapple.’ The company had record sales in the next few years and Snapple became a very popular product. The company started selling franchises in 1979. In 1980, they introduced more natural juice products to the market and in 1982 they began selling natural sodas. Over the next few years, they introduced new flavors and improved the flavor of the products already in the market.

In 1986, they introduced fruit drinks and spent the next several years researching a new product, iced tea until they came up with a new method of manufacturing iced tea without adding preservatives. Snapple started selling lemon flavored ice tea in 1988 and by the end of that year, sales peaked at $13.3 million.  The following year, they introduced 53 new flavors, all of which  becoming so popular that sales increased by 600 percent.

In 1990, Snapple introduced a new line of isotonic sports drinks called Snap–up. In 1991, the headquarters of the company was moved to Long Island and sales grew to $400 million. The company became the second largest manufacturer of unadulterated drinks, next to Lipton, and it expanded the business to California. In 1992, 70 percent of the company was sold to Snapple Holding Corporation and the trio started receiving $300,000 as annual salary, apart from other bonuses. By then, Coca-Cola and Pepsi had become their major competitors. Coca Cola joined Lipton and Pepsi joined Nestea, and both introduced their own lines of iced tea, presenting a major challenge for Snapple. In December 1992, the company became public. By 1994, the company expanded its branches to Canada, Japan, UK, Greece, Hong Kong, Norway, Australia and Philippines. In May 2008, Dr. Pepper acquired the company.

Company headquarter address: Plano, Texas
Ownership: Public Company
Annual revenue: $231.9 million
No of employees: 230
Geography: USA and 80 other countries.
Demography: Organic and green shoppers

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

Brands (Dr. Pepper)
Canada Dry
Sountry Time
Deja Blue
Diet Rite
Dr Pepper
Hawaiian Punch
Mr and Mrs T
Nantucket Nectars
RC Cola
Sun Drop

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