soy-proteinA recent research published in a nutrition journal points to the fact that soy protein could be beneficial to diabetic patients. The research was carried out on a number of male military veterans who were suffering from advanced Type II diabetes. Adding soy protein to their diet showed a significant reduction in the amount of unwanted protein in their urine.

This research is fascinating because there are currently more than 18 million people in America suffering from diabetes. A majority of these patients suffer from Type II diabetes. This research offers a glimmer of hope because it shows that it is finally possible to get treatment for the disease. One of the biggest problems that people with diabetes face is diabetic kidney disease. The disease is usually characterized by high protein levels in urine. The proteins present are usually in the form of albumin, which is a derived from animal proteins such as dairy products and whey protein. This study showed that a switch from animal protein to soy protein had a significant effect on reducing the amount of unwanted protein in the urine.

Nutritionists hold that milk from a cow is not a balanced solution for the human body. This is because it does not contain a number of important nutrients such as GLA, a fatty acid, which is important for the functioning of the human brain. Cow milk also contains animal-based protein that has been shown not to be healthy for the human body. This is because the protein in milk, called casein, has been proven to cause diabetic kidney disease when consumed in large quantities. It also results in the increased level of albumin in the urine of the patient.