organic-food-bar-active-greensThe Organic Food Bar was released by the Organic Food Bar Inc. back in 2004. The snack has a combination of healing ingredients  in a portable and tasty format. This makes it possible to have a good nutritional balance in your body even when you are on the run. There are many varieties of nutritional bars in most grocery stores around America. Many nutrition bars are worthless because they are simply loaded with artificial ingredients and refined sugars. Most of the early food bars were very nutritious, but the high demand by the population has seen their quality drastically drop. Today most of the food bars are nothing more than candy bars.

The Organic Food Bar stands out from the pack because it does not contain any of the negative ingredients that are used in most of the other food bars in the market. The Organic Food Bar is made from nutritious elements such as the agave nectar, which is a natural sweetener. This is one of the best natural sweeteners in the market and has very low glycemic index content.

The first two ingredients of the organic food bar are organic date paste and organic almond butter. The date paste provides the sweetness and the texture of the product. The bar uses whole dates and these offer a better nutritional alternative to consuming refined sugar. The almond butter used in the food bar is beneficial because it provides the fat texture and the healthy oils required by your body. Almond fat is friendly to the heart and consuming the Organic Food Bar is a sure way of having heart friendly fat in your body.