Sunland Inc., which had previously issued a voluntary recall of peanut butter, has expanded it to all peanut products that they make in their plant with the ‘Best-If-Used-By’ date of March 1, 2010. Bags of peanuts and jars of peanut butter are among nut products that have been linked to possible salmonella infections. The nuts include in-shell peanuts and raw and roasted shelled peanuts.

The peanut recall started with Trader Joe’s brand peanut butter in September and has grown to include almonds and peanut butters sold under brands such as Heinen’s, Open Nature, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target’s Archer Farms, and Fresh & Easy among other brands. On the list of items are cashew butter, tahini and chocolate butter. Sunland Inc. from New Mexico made a brand of Trader Joe’s peanut butter that is said to have sickened 35 people in 19 states.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded the recall to add 139 products, 49 of which are within the manufacturers recommended shelf-life and 90 products that consumers may have in refrigerators in their homes which are beyond the recommended shelf-life. Sunland had stopped distribution of most of these products earlier.

The FDA has stated that all nut products from the Sunland source with ‘Best-If-Used-By’ dates of March 2011 or later need to be also be thrown out immediately or returned. The peanuts had been sold in quantities ranging from 2 ounces to 50 pounds to supermarket chains and produce houses.

The infections have mostly affected children under the age of 10. No deaths have been reported so far. Check the dates stamped below the lid of the jar to be sure and dispose of immediately is they fit the description.