California-based company Wild Planet Foods has just introduced its new line of sustainable seafood to the market. Labeled ‘Sustainable Seas,’ this canned product range comes from sustainably caught tuna.

Wild Planet exclusively uses the pole-and-troll fishing method in order to prevent the destruction of habitats in the ocean. This sustainable method of catching tuna also eliminates the likelihood of catching turtles, sharks, seabirds, and other fish and marine animals that are usually wounded or killed by the long line method of fishing. With Wild Planet’s method of fishing, all tuna is individually caught.

All the tuna caught is packed without adding any extra water, preservatives, or oils. They are then packed in cans that are free from BPA. Every 5-ounce can has 45% more tuna in terms of weight. This line of canned tuna is also OU Kosher-certified. Sustainable Seas is available in two varieties, both varieties available as salted or unsalted. One variety, the Solid-Albacore Tuna, has the added benefit of having thrice the Omega-3 content and only one-third the Mercury content of conventional canned tuna. The other Sustainable Seas variety is called Solid-Light Tuna.

According to Wild Planet Foods’ President and founder Bill Carvalho, seafood that is sustainably caught should be made available to everyone. With this in mind, the company came up with this line in order to provide consumers with sustainably caught seafood and at the same time protect the environment and the fish population.

This line of canned tuna is available in food retail stores all over the country. Suggested price for Sustainable Seas canned tuna is $2.49 (Solid Light variety) and $3.29 (Solid Albacore variety).