donutsA new study has found out that cakes, fizzy drinks, desserts, and crisps may heighten the risk of bowel cancer. In the study, scientists considered a number of factors including physical activity levels, smoking, and diet in Scottish bowel cancer patients. In addition to the risk factors such as physical activity and family history of cancer, scientists identified novel factors such as high-energy snacks. The study that employed data from a bowel cancer study in Scotland was one of its kind to establish a positive connection between cancer and a diet rich in fatty and sugary foods.

Another group of researchers at Edinburgh and Aberdeen universities investigated the diets of two thousands patients diagnosed with bowel cancer and made a comparison with the drink and food intake of the same-sized healthy population group. More than 170 foods were examined including vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, in addition to energy-rich snacks like nuts, crisps, and chocolates. This study built on the previous research that established a connection between bowel cancer and food-intake or diet. In the mentioned studies, two distinct eating patterns were identified. One pattern was rich in vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods, while the other eating pattern was rich in fat, meat and sugar.

According to the findings obtained, the healthy eating pattern was found to be linked with a reduced risk for bowel cancer. The western dietary pattern on the other hand was linked to increased risk for bowel cancer. In the United Kingdom, bowel cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer deaths. It is therefore, essential to practice healthy dietary habits. Physical activity and lifestyle changes are also essential steps to minimizing the risk of cancer.