Tasty BakingTasty Baking Company is a Pennsylvania based manufacturer of snack foods.  The company’s products include 149 varieties of cakes, donuts, pies, brownies, snack bars and pretzels.

The pioneers of the Tasty Baking Company are Philip .J. Baur and Herbert .T. Morris, who founded the company in 1914 in Philadelphia. Philip J. Baur was a baker from Pittsburgh, and Herbert .T. Morris was an egg salesman from Boston. The accidental meeting of the 2 businessmen resulted in the formation of the company. Both made sure that only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in the production of its goods. For that, the raw materials were delivered to the factory every day. The company used Grade A creamy butter, fresh eggs, spices, cocoa, fresh milk and natural flavors to manufacture exceptionally high quality products.

The company’s name, Tasty, was born when Morris’s wife happened to taste one of its products and said they were very tasty.  This is how the company got the name ‘Tasty Baking Company’. They also wanted a catchy phrase for its brand name. So, they choose the name ‘Tastykake”. The snacks produced by the company became so popular that the duo made $28 in the first day itself. During that time, 1 cake only cost 10 cents. The net profit of the first week was $222, which was a reasonable amount of money at the time. By 1914, the sales of the company peaked to $300,000.

Due to the increase in demand, new machinery was introduced and more employees were hired. Furthermore, the company started its expansion to other parts of the country. It introduced Chocolate Juniors which became a real hit among its customers. It also added electric ovens to the production facilities to improve and increase the production of cupcakes. In 1918, the annual income of the company was $1 million. Butterscotch Krimpets were introduced in 1930. It also built 5 more manufacturing plants, and sales of Tasty Baking Company peaked to $6 million. The most popular snacks of the company were cupcakes and Krimpets.

In the 1930s, it introduced small pies that can be placed in lunchboxes. They became very popular because of their affordability. The company has and continues to follow its traditional recipes, and Tastykake has become a favorite American brand.

Company headquarters: Navy Yard Corporate Center, Three Crescent Drive, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Ownership, public / private, part of another company, etc
Annual revenue: $280 million
Number of employees: 625
Geography: Northeastern United States, Mid-Atlantic.
Demography: Natural and Organic


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