Eco-Sale In Austin, Texas, the grocery chain Whole Foods Market is introducing and promoting its Eco-Sale project.

With this, the store mandates that each product that will be displayed in their household cleaning racks will be checked and assessed by a third party company and rated according to a new labeling system, which is also primarily color-coded. Under this new system, the products will be rated and labeled red, yellow, orange or green, These colors represent each environmental standard.

Whole Foods Market requires that their household cleaning products should meet, at the very least, the orange standard. This standard is considered the baseline standard. The store aims that by April 22, 2012, on the coming Earth day, all of their cleaners will have met that baseline standard.

The new color-coded system also requires the stores’ suppliers to declare and list all ingredients of their products, even if the U.S. government does not mandate it.

According to Jim Speirs, the company’s global vice president for procurement, the reason they ask this of their suppliers is strictly for monitoring. Spiers said that the company has always been closely monitoring the ingredients of the products that they sell. They have always preferred products that have ingredients that are as eco-friendly as possible.

With their Eco-Sale program, the company is now more confident in its ability to help shoppers buy ecologically friendly products. They are also more confident in assuring their customers that the products they have are safer alternatives for their costumers’ homes and more importantly, for the planet. The program is the company’s way to promote sustainability to consumers.