The Agromart Group is composed of franchised companies that supply a complete range of crop-production inputs. The groups was created and is owned by the Agronomy Company of Canada.

The Agronomy Company of Canada created the Group so that through a franchise agreement, the company can provide specific services for Agromart locations. For instance, the company offers volume purchases of nutrients for crops in order to take advantage of discounts for volume purchases.

Other services offered by The Agromart Group include training, administration of benefits, banking, auditing, and volume purchases of seeds and crop protectants. Among companies that were set up by The Agromart Group are The Agromart Processing Company Inc. and Agromart Terminals Inc. The Agromart Group created these two companies in order to cater to the need for fertilizer logistics and identity-preserved soybean processing.

Agromart Processing Company, Inc. was founded in 2001 through a joint venture between Marubeni Corporation, Nisshin Logistics, Nisshin Oillio and The Agromart Group. Aside from soybean processing, the company also offers production of non-GMO soybean seeds. To ensure that non-GMO standards are met, samples are taken from every grower at every harvest. Agromart Processing primarily receives, cleans, packages and then exports soybeans. The company efficiently brings supplier and buyer together.

Among Agromart’s crop-production inputs are Crop Nutrients, Associated Services to Ontario farmers and farmers in the Maritime, Crop Protection Products, and Seeds. Through its partnerships, The Agromart Group is able to create products for the market, which are sold under different brands, like the NK Brand, the Dekalb Brand and Croplan Genetics. The Agromart Group offers a complete range of soybean and corn seeds that are marketed under the company’s proprietary brands. Aside from premium quality seeds, the company also has spray adjuvants, micronutrients and utility products.

The majority of “Agromart’s” are a combined effort from the individual “Agromart” and the Agronomy Company of Canada. By the combination of strength (coming from a big regional organization) with innovation and entrepreneurship, The Agromart Group is capable of supplying both unparalleled service and products to its customers. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to be able to provide consumers (even if indirectly) with premium-quality crops that are eventually converted to high-quality food.

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Food manufacturing companies, agricultural businesses


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