Washington-based company Choffy, has launched a new kind of drink to the U.S. market, Choffy®. This new beverage can easily be described as a mixture of chocolate and coffee.

Choffy® is said to be the drink that has bridged the gap between coffee and hot chocolate. This new drink is made from 100% organic cacao beans, roasted and then ground. Being an all-natural product, Choffy® does not contain any chemical or artificial flavorings. It is also free from dairy ingredients, as well as sugar.

Each serving of Choffy® has 20 calories and is packed with theobromine and antioxidants. Each 8-ounce cup of Choffy® has as much antioxidants as a serving of blueberries.

Choffy® is available in two varieties: Ivory Coast and La Espanola. The Ivory Coast variety is made from cacao beans from fair trade. This variety has a chocolate flavor that is deep and with hints of earthy tones and natural grains. The La Espanola variety is made from cacao beans that come from the Dominican Republic. This variety gives you a rich, deep and moist chocolate flavor with just a hint of nut.

Brewing Choffy® is just like brewing your regular coffee. When brewed as it is, Choffy® gives an intense and strong taste. Added with a little bit of creamer, the strong taste transforms into the flavor of deep chocolate. Currently, Choffy® can be bought at www.Drinkchoffy.com. A 12-ounce bag is sold for $15 while a 5-lb. bag costs $85.

Makers of this new drink claim that Choffy® is different from regular coffee in that it supplies the body with energy all day long without having to experience jitters, crashes or any of caffeine’s negative effects.