More and more coupon-clipping consumers are now turning to digital or online coupons instead of continuing with their old routine of clipping coupons from newspaper inserts. It seems that going digital has become more convenient for these couponers.

According to Carla Hurd, who is coordinator and owner of the site, a growing number of couponers now prefer to use reward programs, loyalty cards and digital coupons over the conventional paper ones. Hurd added that there is a shift that is currently happening to the couponing world, such as smart phones being used to receive coupons and coupon codes being scanned directly from the phones.

Reward programs can also even be accessed through smart phones nowadays. Soon, there would be no need to bring loyalty cards when shopping, all one will need to have is a smart phone with all the necessary applications. It is this popularity of electronic couponing that has made some stores decide to put coupons in their customers discount or loyalty cards.

The constantly changing coupon policy of stores is another factor that contributes to the evolution of the couponing world. Now stores like Kroger also have rules for online or digital coupons, as well. For instance, Kroger now has a rule about online coupons that have been uploaded into the consumer’s discount card. These kinds of coupons cannot be used together with physical coupons. Because of the ever-changing coupon policies, stores often send out e-mails or give away flyers, informing customers of the changes that have been made to its policies.