Mediterranean diet cooking ingredientsRecent research has shown that the Mediterranean diet helps in reducing the at-risk level for heart attacks and other cardiovascular related ailments by nearly 30%. The diet mainly consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, as well as fish. It also reduces the level of dairy products consumed and cuts down on the amount of red meat eaten. It mainly emphasizes the use of olive oil for cooking instead of butter. At the same time, it leans more on steaming or baking instead of frying foods.

The trials that were randomly controlled compared the effects of two varieties of Mediterranean diet: the extra virgin oil type and one with nuts. Randomization was the preferred method of data collection as it levels other factors that may affect the at-risk level of having cardiovascular problems and as such, the results collected from different groups are balanced.

The diet is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that prove very effective in fighting off cancer, and also according to experts, can help in dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. The numerous health benefits provided by the diet are simply irreplaceable, some researchers suggest. The oils contained in the diet are considered anti-inflammatory and at the same time fight off ailments from even the cellular level. The amazing thing is that the components of the diet work so well together that the overall effect is simply unmatched.

Adding to the already numerous advantages of the diet is the fact that it is very high in fiber content therefore helping digestion while at the same time regulating insulin resistance ,as well as sensitivity to insulin. This generally has a positive effect on obesity, as well as diabetes. The diet also includes red wine, where it is taken in moderation to help with overall digestion. Healthy and exotic food indeed!