A_bunch_of_bananasThere are a number of raw foods or raw food ingredients that can be consumed to attain optimal nutritional value. Some of the raw food and tips on how to choose and consume them will be presented.



It would be expected that a lemon would have an acidic effect on the body. However, it is evident that a lemon causes an alkaline reaction inside the body. Generally, raw food including lemon is alkaline in nature.

Suggestions for using a lemon

A good idea is that of squeezing olive oil and lemon onto a salad to form a fast, easy and healthy dressing. Another idea is cutting up cucumbers followed by squeezing fresh lemon into a water pitcher. This is not only a refreshing drink, but it also helps in giving the skin a healthy glow.

Choosing a lemon

A good lemon should not only have a thin skin, but it should also have a ripe banana-like feel. Softer lemons would give more juice.


Choosing ripe bananas

It is not advisable to eat bananas while still green. Unripe bananas would have a bitter and hard taste. It is advisable to wait until bananas have brown spot speckles. You should ensure that a banana is not only ripe, but maximum vitamins should be preserved.

Freezing bananas

A blend of frozen bananas and other fruits such as strawberries forms a milkshake-like drink or ice-cream. One of the easiest ways of freezing a banana and using it later is waiting till it is ripe, peeling it and cutting into eight to ten chunks. This is followed by putting the chunks into a freezer or freezing container.