Beet_root_vegetableBeets – Being careful not to stain

Since beets are extremely vibrant, one needs to be careful not to stain clothes or even cooking surfaces. Beets are normally used as food coloring, which means that stains may become permanent. It is important to be careful when using them. Anything that comes into contact with beets should be washed immediately.

Using the spines and leaves

The leaves of beets can be tossed into a smoothie, which often takes a red-like coloration when beet is added. Hence, beets can be used to enhance the appearance of a green smoothie. The spine, often found on beets’ leaves can be blended into juice.

For a sweeter taste, remove the beet’s skin

When blending beets into juice or using them as part of a recipe, it is essential to peel them. That outer layer of the beet can be slightly bitter. However, everything inside the beet is tasty and sweet. Thus, peeling a beet would have a significant difference in its taste.

Beet juice recipes

There are a number of beet juice recipes that can be followed to get a healthy, tasty and nutritious drink. One such recipe is using one large beet, its spines and leaves, three to four big carrots, two apples and a teaspoonful of lemon juice. Blending these ingredients would give a healthy and savory juice blend.


A key challenge of using garlic as a raw ingredient is its after-taste. One of the greatest tips for people who experience difficulty in ingesting or digesting garlic when raw is removal of the green root found at the center prior to using it or pressing it.