Texas-based snack food company, Frito-Lay N. America, adds a new variation to conventional tortilla chips. It has now launched it into the market. Known as “Tostitos Artisan Recipes”, these tortilla chips offer consumers with distinctive yet delicious tastes.

These artisan tortilla chips are available in two flavors: Fire-roasted Chipotle and Roasted Garlic and Black Bean. The chips are made from a flavorful combination of nine grains sourced from 100% natural white corns. These grains are then combined with real black beans, chipotle peppers and garlic, all of which have been baked before incorporating into the grains. These ingredients are then cooked together in order to create that distinctive flavor, the signature of an artisan tortilla chip. Every serving of these chips provides 8 grams of whole grain. A serving of these chips can already fulfill almost one-fourth of the day’s recommended daily amount, which is 48 grams.

Justin Lambeth, Frito-Lay N. America’s marketing vice president, said that the launching of the new artisan chips will bring a new twist to the conventional tortilla chip. By first baking the ingredients before converting them into the final product, every chip brings an unexpected, yet delicious, taste that every consumer can enjoy.

Tostitos has been in the snack food market for over thirty years, providing products that bring people together to share memorable fun experiences. The company has always been committed to make great-tasting chips. These are a must-have for every gathering.

Tostitos’ Artisan Chips are now available in different food retail stores all over the country. Suggested price is $3.99 for every 9.75 ounce bag.