TreeHouse Foods, Inc. is a food processing company that supplies its products to the food service and retail grocery industry. The company is based in Illinois, and it manufactures and distributes products including soups, sauces, salsa dressings, jams, pickles, pie fillings, non-dairy coffee creamers, and infant feeding products.

The history of TreeHouse Foods, Inc. dates back to 1862, when Dean Specialty Foods was founded by McGuire and Alart with the goal being to produce pickles. Over the years, the company expanded and increased its production considerably. It also underwent many changes. One of the major changes was its change of name to Bay Valley Foods in 2005. The same year, TreeHouse Foods, Inc. was also formed, and Bay Valley Foods became its division.

The company went public on Jun 28, 2005, and its ticker symbol is THS. During the first 5 years of its operation, it acquired many major food processing companies. The first to be acquired was Del Monte Foods Company, manufacturers of infant feeding products and soups. The acquisition took place on April 24, 2006. It also purchased the salsa and picante division of San Antonio Farm on May 31, 2007. Again, on Oct 15, 2007, it acquired E .D. Smith, Canadian manufacturers of salad dressings, jellies, jams and pie fillings divisions, as well as the private labels in Canada.

The company continued its growth by purchasing Sturm Foods, Inc. on Mar 2, 2010. They were the manufacturers of instant hot cereals and sugar–free drinks. It also purchased the macaroni and cheese manufacturers, S .T. Specialty Foods, Inc. on Oct 28, 2010. Additionally, the company also acquired many small-scale food-processing companies.

Today, the company operates through five of its major banners – Bay Valley Foods, E.D. Smith, S .T. Specialty Foods, and Sturm Foods. The current CEO and Chairman of the company is Sam K. Reed, who, with a team of industry experts runs the company. TreeHouse Foods, Inc. has emerged to become a $65 billion food corporation within a relatively short period of time.

Company headquarters: 2021 Spring Road, Suite 600, Oakbrook, IL, USA
Ownership: Public
Number of manufacturing plants: 15
Annual revenue: $65 billion
Number of employees: 4,000
Geography: North America
Demography: Natural and Organic

Bay Valley Foods
E .D. Smith
Sturm Foods
S .T. Specialty Foods

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Cane Patch
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