Risvold’s, Incorporated has announced a recall for specific batches of its seafood salad and seafood pasta products. The company has recalled the affected products because of undeclared allergens present.

Possible allergens that are present include milk, sesame, sunflower and soy. This incident was discovered during a yearly audit done by the FDA. It was noticed that the products that contained the allergens were contained in packaging that did not indicate the presence of the allergens as part of the ingredients. Upon investigation, it was found that there had been a change in the ingredients that were supplied. Upon discovery of the problem, action was immediately taken to correct the problem.

The following data are specifications of the recalled products:

Product Description           –           Use-By Date           –             Cases

Seafood Salad                      –                 6-27-11              –                 24

Seafood Salad                      –                    7-4-11              –                29

Seafood Salad                      –                   7-11-11             –                60

Seafood Pasta                      –                   7-17-11             –                   3

Food allergens like milk, sesame, sunflower and soy can trigger allergy attacks in those people who are sensitive to them. Especially in children, elder people or those who have existing medical conditions, an allergy attack can lead to more serious health problems. Currently however, there have been no reports connecting the recalled products to any allergy attack or any health incident.

The recalled seafood salad and seafood pasta products were distributed in the states of Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. Those code dates prior to July 7,2011 are affected by the recall, while the rest are not. It has been reported that all the recalled products were already removed from display shelves as of June 22.

Those who have bought the recalled products are advised to return it to the store. Customers may also call Risvold’s, Inc. at 323-770-2674 from Monday to Friday for any recall-related concerns.