Triad Retail MediaTriad Retail Media recently launched its new and innovative medium for marketing and advertising.

Watch N Save, as the new service is called, will combine the power of online videos, social networking and coupons. In this new marketing and advertising service, consumers are urged to watch a video, which is about 30 seconds in length. After watching the video, they will be rewarded with a coupon. If they share the video with friends and acquaintances via their social networking sites, they will be given additional coupons or product discounts.

Triad Retail Media has created an interesting and unique way for companies to advertise their products. By taking advantage of the public’s fascination and interest in both social networking and couponing and by limiting each video to only 30 seconds, this kind of advertising will not be a bore for consumers to participate in.

According to Triad Retail Media CEO, Greg Murtagh, it is important for companies to become more social and confident in educating and engaging customers. This is where Triad Retail Media comes in, as the company’s purpose is to help companies promote their brands and make consumers understand the message that every brand brings.

With Watch N Save, companies of consumer brands submit a 30-second promotion video to Triad Retail Media. The company will then be the one to take care of the next steps to introduce the video to the online community, complete with its corresponding deals and coupons. These videos will be hosted on websites that have high traffic, so companies can be assured that their videos will be watched by a number of consumers online.