urbanradishLAUrban Radish plans to enter the Downtown LA Arts District next year. The farm-fresh community store is planning to debut its eco-friendly and urban market model in the area.

The store will be opening in March 2013 and will feature high quality seafood, meats and dairy products, as well as seasonal fresh produce. The urban market concept design focuses on the city-dwellers lifestyle. They prefer a higher quality-to-value price offering, more farmers’ market-type freshness and personal experience, rather than shopping at big retail chains.

Urban Radish will be the first specialty store in that neighborhood and has a design that artfully displays products while also encouraging social interaction. The 8,200 square feet store will be at 660 Mateo Street, Los Angeles.

The building is being remodeled to suit the design wanted by the specialty grocery store. Creative Space is the firm that will be entrusted with ensuring that the features are sustainable and that there is ultimate use of all materials that are already in place. The building has a noticeable attribute; a very large chipmunk mural that is painted on one of the sides of the building done by Peter Roa, a street muralist who did it for the Los Angeles Freewalls Project, and will be retained. The building will have new features such as an electric car charging station in the parking lot, which is going to be one of the largest in the country. Native plants will be used in the landscape design to insulate the structure from sun, as well as cool and cover it, there will also be outdoor seating zones for shoppers to enjoy freshly prepared seasonal meals.