Wal-MartWalmart stores recent price comparison advertising campaign is increasingly getting the attention of shoppers. Walmart has been conducting a price comparison challenge trying to get consumers more aware of price differences between its stores and other grocery stores. The store is trying to get consumers in Atlanta, Albuquerque and Chicago to compare prices before making purchases. The store has offered to actually make the comparison for its shoppers by comparing its own prices and other store prices.

The price comparison challenge process involves shoppers uploading photos of grocery receipts and sending it to Walmart that will compare those prices with the stores own prices. The results of the comparisons are then communicated to the buyer within a couple of days. The aim is to make a consumer more informed on sales and other offers in Walmart stores near them. The store is also selling this campaign as a way in which customers can actually save by taking advantage of lower prices at Walmart stores located right next to the consumer.

In a recent survey carried out by ClickIQ – a leading market research firm – which sought to determine the awareness of the Walmart’s price comparison campaign branded ‘See for your self’ price challenge. The research found that a good 49% of shoppers were aware of the campaign. This is encouraging news to the store as it’s almost half of all shoppers. Further, 17% of these respondents had taken up the challenge to take their receipts to their local Walmart store to compare the prices.

The Walmart ad campaign is set to continue as a part of a five-month ongoing print and broadcast campaign that gets real shoppers to share their savings on social media such as Twitter and Facebook due to price comparisons.