breadAVO’s Bakery Inc. in Burbank, California, was forced to recall cookies, bread crumbs, and other baked products because their packaging lacked wheat allergy warnings. The state health department warned AVO’s bakery of their omission. Fortunately, there is no illness that has been reported so far because of consuming the unlabeled baked goods. Labeling is one of the processes that companies should not overlook. This is because failure to do so may have serious health implications, especially to consumers. The labels provide a list of all the ingredients used to make the product. Notable warnings are also indicated in the label.

The products that were recalled from AVO’s bakery include Date Mamoul, Gourmet Sesame Plain, Gourmet Anise Plain, Gourmet French, Bread Crumbs, and Sea Salted Cookies. Most of the news websites have presented a gallery containing pictures of the baked products recalled. Following the recall, the entire recalled products’ inventory was segregated by AVO’s Bakery Inc. In addition, the bakery gave a notification to all its retailers who had directly received the baked goods affected. The baked goods were primarily sold at Southern California’s local retail markets. Hence, the bakery took the initiative of reaching out to the retailers.

People who have severe sensitivity or are allergic to wheat are at the risk of having an allergic reaction that can be life threatening. The condition necessitates prompt medical attention. The Department of Public Health of California has said that it is essential for people allergic to wheat to seek immediate help in case they consume the recalled baked goods. Consumers experiencing signs of allergy following the consumption of the listed products are advised to seek appropriate medical attention.