Wild Planet Foods is a privately held food processing company based in McKinleyville, California, USA.  In addition to producing various kinds of seafood, the company is also focused on implementing methods that promote sustainability in the environment.

William Carvalho founded Wild Planet Foods in 2004. Prior to creating this particular company, Carvalho was already considered a veteran in the seafood industry after twenty years in almost every area of the industry, from responsibilities to operations.

In 1990, Carvalho created his seafood company, the Carvalho Fisheries. This company soon grew to be one of the primary producers and receivers of different kinds of seafood products in the West Coast. From this established company came Wild Planet Foods.

One of Wild Planet Foods’ main missions is to promote products originating from wild seafood that have been harvested only from fisheries that are known to be ecologically exemplary. The company also aims to educate consumers about the best seafood choices and make an impact with people in terms of their choices. World Planet aims to create a market-driven change in terms of seafood harvesting practices all over the world. Wild Planet Foods’ wild seafood supply comes from a number of US fishermen who are also committed to sustainable fishing.

As Founder and company President, Mr. Carvalho is responsible for the areas of product development, distribution, and production operations. Also included in his responsibilities are quality control, environmental criteria analysis and regulatory compliance. All wild seafood that has been sustainably caught has to pass all company regulations and standards before being included in the company’s product line.

Wild Planet Foods Co-founder and Vice President, William McCarthy also plays a major role in the company’s continuous operations. He is responsible for the development of new projects, product procurement, as well as for quality control. Wild Planet Foods’ growth is largely due to the combined efforts and experience of these two key people in the company. Before joining Wild Planet Foods, McCarthy was the general manager and a partner at International C-Food Marketing. He also built and operated a seafood restaurant in Oregon that served a capacity of 500 people.

Wild Planet Foods is also supported by a private equity firm called SeaChange Investment Fund. This group provides support to companies that are committed to implementing sustainable methods of harvesting seafood.

Headquarters: McKinleyville, California
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: Retail seafood consumers

Wild Planet Foods, Sustainable Seas

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