A recent study revealed that one out of every four people worry about not having enough money to buy groceries. The study, also called a survey on national hunger, was conducted by Hart Research Associates last February and commissioned by both the FRAC (Food Research and Action Center) and Tyson Foods Incorporated.

The survey revealed that a number of Americans do not know how serious the hunger problem has become in their communities. The online study was started as a part of the “Know Hunger” operation created by Tyson Foods, Inc. The campaign focused on helping people understand and address hunger in the United States effectively. According to the results, 24 percent of the respondents said that they are fairly or very concerned about not being able to buy food next year for a lack of budget. Thirty-one percent of the respondents said they were a little worried about not having enough grocery money next year.

The results of the study also indicated that about two-thirds of the respondents believe that hunger is a matter of concern on a national level only, and does not apply to local communities. However, a 2010 report published by the FDA’s economic research reported that around 14.7 percent of households in America are anxious about not getting enough food for some time this year.

Tyson Foods Inc., as part of its “Know Hunger” campaign, has promised to donate a million pounds of chicken (boneless) in March to 37 food reservoirs all over the country. Every food bank will get 29,000 pounds of high-quality chicken, which would be enough to serve around 116,000 families in every community.