Ya’d Never Know is the popular brand of gluten-free and wheat-free bakery products made by food manufacturing company The Valley Gourmet, headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

The Valley Gourmet, maker of Ya’d Never Know bakery products, was created in Dundas, Ontario in June of 2000. After just a few years of being in business, the company was already considered a preferred caterer in the surrounding area of Hamilton.

The Valley Gourmet soon opened its own store in January of 2007 when its customers requested that the catering company add meals to its product line. After a few years, its customers again requested for products that would cater to those with special dietary needs. In order to please its customers, The Valley Gourmet came up with new recipes that contained healthier ingredients. Soon, specialty diet products outsold standard meal products, which the company did not anticipate at all. From then on, The Valley Gourmet decided to focus on being a supplier of specialty foods.

In January of 2009, The Valley Gourmet decided to put all of its focus on becoming a store that offered gluten-free bakery products and prepared food products. The company encountered a dilemma when they found it very hard to create gluten-free food products in an environment that was not gluten-free. In the end, the company decided that they would only offer gluten-free products. With that decided, the company closed for a month in order to renovate their food processing area and make it completely gluten-free. After the major renovation, The Valley Gourmet re-opened, this time offering only gluten-free food products. Soon, the company once again gained popularity for the high-quality gluten-free food products that it offered.

Currently, all gluten-free and wheat-free food products created by the Valley Gourmet are marketed under the brand Ya’d Never Know®. Some of the products sold under this popular brand include breads, quick breads, pasta, tart shells, flour/mixes blends, cookies, pizza, tart shells, baked treats and dressings.

Today, consumers can buy Ya’d Never Know products at the Ya’d Never Know shop located at Dundas, Ontario. They can also place orders online at the company’s website.

Headquarters: Dundas,Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography:  Retail bakery consumers

Ya’d Never Know®

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