Wingtat Game Bird Packers Inc. is a Canadian poultry processing company based in British Columbia, Canada.

Wingtat Game Bird Packers’ federally inspected facility began operations in 1989 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The increasing number of Chinese immigrants paved the way for the company’s establishment in the province.

The founders of Wingtat started to work with farmers in order to be able to develop specialty chicken breeds like Yellow Chicken, Silkie, Pheasant, Squab, Quail and Partridge. These types of poultry appealed mostly to the Asian market in the country. Soon, the demand for Wingtat’s poultry products started to increase so significantly that the company felt the need for a bigger processing facility.

In 1991, Wingtat’s new 10,000 square foot processing facility was completed. The new facility was capable of slaughtering and processing larger volumes of poultry than the previous facility, and followed the requirements set by the CFIA. The new facility had slaughtering, processing, and storage facilities. A year after, Wingtat started to enter markets in the United States, as well as every province in Canada. Wingtat also introduced a new product to the market, the Taiwanese Chicken, whose selling point is being air-chilled and free-run. This appealed to many consumers, especially those who preferred natural products free from artificial additives. Soon, Wingtat began to gain a reputation of being a company that provided good quality, free-run chicken.

After 6 years, Wingtat had developed a well-known status in Asian markets. In 1995, the company was awarded the “BC New Canadian Entrepreneur Award” for “Business Management Excellence in Manufacturing (Processing).” In 1999, the company became British Columbia’s first poultry processing company to be HACCP-certified.

In the last 22 years in the business, the company has been considered a leader in producing new products that cater to new markets. Today, Wingtat has added more varieties of meats to its product range (such as beef, lamb, pork and ostrich). Wingtat takes pride in being a company that is able to meet demands in the market without ever compromising food safety or quality.

Headquarters: Surrey, British Columbia
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography:Canada, Hong Kong, USA
Demography: Foodservice businesses, specialty food retailers


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