ariel-visualAriel is one of the many products manufactured by Procter and Gamble. The product was adapted by P & G with the aim of conquering the Mexican, Brazilian, Turkish, Pakistan, Colombian, and Venezuelan portfolios.

Ariel was first introduced into the UK market in 1967. This was one of the first detergents that had stain removing enzymes. The detergent gained a lot of popularity because of this. It was mostly used in top loading and twin-tub washing machines. This product was very convenient for washing machines because it looked like it produced optimum results especially for the commercial washing machines. With the rise in popularity of the automatic front-loading washing machines in the 1970s, the company started producing a suitable low suds variant.

The mid nineties saw the rise in popularity of liquid detergents, as well as compact powder detergents. The first powder detergents produced under the Ariel brand were known as “Ariel Ultra.” The product faced stiff competition from Unilever, which produced a similar product called Persil Powder. However, Persil gained a bad reputation of damaging clothes. This gave Ariel a big competitive advantage.

In 2003, Ariel started producing the quick wash option to add to their portfolio. This is usually very helpful for people who wash clothes that have a relatively short wash cycle. The product has been a huge success because it offers a good alternative for people who have to do laundry with quick wash cycles.

Other Ariel variants that have been pushed into the market include Ariel Biological, which is often used for heavy winter wools and light summer clothes. Ariel Colour is useful in cleaning clothes that may lose colour. It helps clothes keep their natural colour. Others include Ariel Non-Bio Almond Milk and Honey and Ariel with Febreze effect.


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