Texas-based Green Valley Food Corporation has recently expanded its recall of its Alfalfa Sprouts. The recall was initiated because of a possible bacterial contamination, specifically of the bacteria Salmonella.

The problem was discovered when results of a routine analysis showed the presence of Salmonella in a sample of about 5 ounces. The sample was inside a 5-ounce container with the label “Let’s Grow Healthy Together!” Currently, there are 6,723 cases of alfalfa sprouts being recalled. Specific information about the recalled product are:


Product label: “Let’s Grow Healthy Together!”

Product description: Alfalfa sprouts and spicy sprouts

Packaging: 5-ounce containers

UPC numbers: 714722228818 and 71472222991


Product description: Alfalfa sprouts

Packaging: 4-ounce clamshell containers

UPC number: 815098001088


Product description: Onion Sprouts

Packaging: 4-ounce clamshell containers

UPC number: 815098002054

The recalled sprouts have been distributed in different parts of Texas through delivery trucks. These sprouts were all delivered to either distribution centers or grocery stores. The company has already sent letters to customers informing them about the recall.

Salmonella is a common harmful bacterial contaminant. In healthy people, a Salmonella infection usually causes fever, sometimes bloody diarrhea, severe headache and vomiting. In children, elderly people, or those with low immunity to diseases, a Salmonella infection can immediately worsen. In some cases, infection caused by Salmonella bacteria can also cause death. To date however, no illnesses caused by this product have been reported.

Customers who have received the letter from Green Valley Food Corporation are advised to respond immediately. Consumers who believe they might have purchased the product are advised to dispose of it or else return it to the store.