Febreze_BottleFebreze is a household odor-removing product manufactured and sold by Procter and Gamble. The brand was first introduced to the market in 1993. The product has been in the United States market since June 1998. The company has since increased its product line to include fabric fresheners, air fresheners, plug-in oil diffusers, scented disks, and automotive air fresheners, among others.

From the name, Febreze was originally meant for use in fabrics. The original purpose was for it to be used to make your clothes smell fresh and clean, however, market demand pushed the company to start producing air care products. It tested the market with the introduction of two new products that included Air-effects and Scentstories by Febreze. Febreze Air-effects are air fresheners that helps eliminate odors in the air. Scentstories on the other hand, is a disk that has complimentary scents and it has a specially designed dispenser for the disks.

Febreze fabric re-freshener was improved in 2008 to include a fine mist spray feature that removes everyday odors in the air and on your clothes. Today, the line of fabric re-fresheners continues to remain the most popular brand and it has grown to include products that meet almost all the needs of people in the market looking for a way to freshen and scent the air around them.

The brand has continued to put in efforts to improving their expertise in odor elimination. The company recently introduced its premium décor line that contains exotic scents from around the world.

Some of the common scents of the products by Febreze include Original, Linen Sky, and Lavender Vanilla and Comfort. Febreze also produces products for allergy reduction and carpet odor eliminator.

Febreze has managed to be a mass retailer and consumer favorite because of its successful innovation and product introduction over the years.

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