CLAUSSEN1Having been first introduced as vegetables in Mesopotamia ages ago, pickles found their way to Chicago almost 140 years ago. Claussen pickles are a brand of uncooked, freshly packed vegetables and are a major brand of pickled cucumber.

Claussen pickles were first introduced by a family company by the name C.F. Claussen and Sons with the founder of the company being Mr. Claus Claussen who was a farmer. Mr. Claussen identified the potential of this special type of vegetable and decided to turn it into a business line that would define vegetable brands. Claussen pickles in its early years remained available only in Chicago and this was for as long as the family ran the business. In 1970, the ownership changed as the Claussen family sold the company to Oscar Mayer and the product’s market scope was widened. The potential with Claussen pickles still was there and General Foods bought the company from Oscar Mayer. A few years later, a merge between General Food and the now known as Kraft Foods, took place.

Claussen pickles, since its acquisition by Kraft Foods was transformed into a globally popular brand of pickles. The revenues collected are over 100 million USD and show how impressive its command on the market is. Claussen pickles are different from many other types of pickle in that they are not cooked and are kept in the grocery refrigerated section. Since they are not cooked, they retain a better crunchy, fresher taste and texture. There are different types of Claussen pickles that are all popular within America and some parts of Europe, such as London. Claussen pickles come in different styles, such as whole, mini, halves, spears, sandwich slices and chips.

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