country timeCountry Time is a lemon-flavored drink mix that is offered to the market. It is produced and marketed by Kraft Foods.

Karl Foods first introduced Country Time Lemonade drink in 1975 and numerous flavors have been introduced since then. Six years after its introduction to the market, A&W, which is responsible for the canned and bottled products in the market by Kraft Foods, obtained its license from General Foods for bottling operations. There has been over a million US dollars of revenue collected from sales as Country Time continues to dominate market shares in America and Canada.

Country Time is popular for its sponsoring activities and the one to be remembered is the NASCAR sponsor, in which Michael Waltrip finished fifth. Country Time also sponsors Alex’s Lemonade Stand meant to raise money for a cancer research program for children started by Alex Scott. In its participation as a sponsor, Country Time has offered more than half a million US dollars for support of the program.

There have been a number of flavors of Country Time lemonade by Kraft Foods, since its first introduction to the market. Country Time boasts an old-fashioned, homemade flavor that adds to the enjoyment of family and friend get-togethers, or simply sitting under a tree on a hot summer’s day. The powdered mix mixes easily with water for a treat that is not too tart, and not too sweet.

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