Hua Shing International Trading CorpHua Shing International Trading Corporation announced a product recall of its product, Frozen SCDA, on February 16, 2011. These products (frozen fish) were found to be uneviscerated.

The product is packed in 400-gram retail plastics bags (code 111) which are vacuum packed. The recall was announced after the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets discovered in a routine sampling that the products were not properly disemboweled or not eviscerated at all prior to processing. Because the viscera were still present in the fish, the product may possibly be infested with Clostridium botulin.

The viscera of a fish can be a major source of the bacteria Clostridium botulin. Thus, uneviscerated fish has a possibility of being contaminated by the bacteria. The presence of Clostridium botulin in the body can lead to Botulism, an infection which can cause major health risks and can even cause death to people with weak immune systems. Symptoms of Botulism include double vision (blurred vision), poor reflexes, difficulty in breathing, general weakness and a difficulty in swallowing.

No illnesses have been reported related to the product recall. The frozen SCDA products were sold in retail stores in New York, specifically New York City. For consumers who purchased the recalled product, they are advised not to eat it and are in fact urged to immediately return the product to the store. For customer complaints and inquiries, customers are advised to call 212-219-1067 for assistance.