market-basketResidents of the Northeastern United States know that DeMoulas’ Market Basket is the best family-owned one stop grocery shop in the area. DeMoulas’ Market Basket provides a range of supermarket options in each store ranging from baked goods, meat and fresh produce to health and beauty aides. DeMoulas has gone from being a local mom-and-pop shop to a major grocery retailer in the Northeast.


Sixteen years after the turn of the century, Athanasios and Efrosini Demoulas brought a grocery store to Massachusetts that offered a Greek Specialty, fresh lamb. Forty years later, Demoulas sold their store to two of their six children. The Demoulas brothers had a new vision for the store, taking it from a local family grocer to an up and coming supermarket. The company struggled for several years during a family feud that was spurred by defrauding of one brothers family inheritance after his death by the remaining living owner. A judge settled the feud in 1994, turning over 51% of the company from Mike Demoulas to George Demoulas’ family. During the trial, the family almost lost hold of their legacy to Royal Ahold’s Stop and Shop.

The supermarket chain is still known at Demoulas, although today it operates under the name Market Basket. Throughout the almost century long history of the Demoulas Market Basket chain, only two stores were ever closed. One in New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts. Demoulas’ Market Basket opened three new stores in late 2013, one in Maine and two in Massachusetts. There are now 71 locations, spread out from Cape Cod, Massachusetts all the way to Maine, bordering along Vermont and Rhode Island.


Headquarters: Tewksbury, Massachusetts
No. of Locations: 71
No. of Employees: 18,000
Annual Revenue: $4 Billion (US)
Locations: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire

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