xmas foodEating a healthy diet while having busy schedules can be an extremely changeling task. Virtually everyone clearly understands that eating junk foods would eventually sap our energy, lead to indigestion and cause piling up of weight. It is not really difficult to have delicious and nutrient-rich meals for yourself, your family and friends during the holidays. Rather than visiting a local supermarket, head to a farmer’s market to purchase fresh produce, as well as nutritious foods that farmers and local artisans create. This will not only help you to stock up on all the ingredients you need, but it is also an opportunity to have an enjoyable experience.

Another way of eating healthy is bringing along healthy holiday food to events such as parties. When hosting a party, it is recommended to regulate the ingredients used to make preferred holiday recipes. Simple dishes such as roasted beans should be considered. Healthy dessert options include fruit salads or baked apples. Over-indulging in junk foods should be avoided. Instead, favorite food items should be consumed in small quantities and eaten slowly to enjoy every bite. It is also advisable to avoid drinking of beverages with high calorie and sugar content. High quantities of alcohol should also be avoided. This is because too much consumption of alcohol leads to lowered inhibition, which could consequently result to over-eating, alcohol is also high in calories and provides no nutritional value.

Another strategy that could serve as a way of eating healthy during the holidays is never going shopping while hungry. This would help in cutting down on the lure of the mall’s food courts. In case one wants to eat, it is advisable to choose a good restaurant instead of food courts that sell take-away snacks and junk foods. Finally, keeping track of what you consume helps. A good way is maintaining a food diary.