Worldwide food recalls have been on breaking news and this is a very worrying trend. Various foods have been recalled ranging from corn chowder, cheese, dietary supplements and fresh-shelled peas. So what exactly are we doing wrong that would warrant such numerous food recalls?

Maybe it is because of the expanding trade that has seen many countries export a lot of their produce to other countries. The large demand on the exports has led to the foods being produced in more bulk than ever before. This makes the supervision process of their manufacturing and processing cumbersome. Whether there has been an expansion of trade or not, this should not make the various companies lower their standards when manufacturing food. Even if there has been a lot of pressure on these countries to produce more due to increased demand, this is no excuse to produce substandard goods. Food safety should come first before anything else and it is time stringent measures were put in place to curb this nuisance of food recalls.

If the foods were produced according to the required standards, food recalls wouldn’t be happening. So I propose that high fines should be imposed on any company that does not adhere to proper food manufacturing processes and also their licenses should be revoked. Food safety is not something to joke about, so such companies that do not produce up to standard food should not be allowed to operate at all. This may seem harsh, but it is high time that urgent action was taken to protect the consumers from greedy companies that are only out to make money instead of safeguarding people’s health by producing safe food.

In conclusion, urgent action should be taken against the companies that produce unsafe food before it is too late. We surely don’t want food recalls to be the headlines of every TV channel or radio station every day. The time to act is now.