I welcome the move to loosen raw milk rules in Wyoming because it is the right thing to do. There being proposed changes to loosen the raw milk rules in Wyoming is a move towards civilization. The citizens of Wyoming have been suffering in silence and time has come for this suffering to end. Wyoming is one of the 20 states that have banned the commercial sale of raw milk. It makes me sad to know that the current law in this state even bans farm families from drinking their own milk. In this time and age, no one should be banned from taking certain foods .This law is barbaric and ridiculous.

Looking at raw milk, the benefits clearly outweigh the shortcomings. One of the benefits of raw milk is that it contains a broad selection of minerals like calcium, which lowers the risk of osteoporosis and kidney stones. Moreover, it contains beneficial bacteria like lactic acid bacilli that enhances the gastrointestinal and immune system. Raw milk also contains essential amino acids in varying amounts that are beneficial to the body. In fact, one can even live exclusively on raw milk since it is a complete and properly balanced food in itself. The only disadvantage of this type of milk is that it contains harmful pathogens that can cause diseases. Seeing that the benefits of taking raw milk outweigh the shortcomings, I don’t see why the people of Wyoming should not be allowed to consume and sell their own produce of raw milk.

The best thing to do in this case is to do away with these barbaric rules and allow the residents of Wyoming to enjoy the benefits of raw milk. However, they should also be made aware of the dangers so that they can make an informed choice on whether or not to consume raw milk.