Asian_Long-horned_Beetle_Regulated_Area_NoticeHealth Canada is taking over the responsibility of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. According to the government, the move will allow three agencies to take charge of different food safety facets under one minister. Additionally, the government said the move had the potential of strengthening the whole process of food safety. In the past few years, a number of crises have been handled by the food inspection agency. Among the notable crises is the 2008 listeria outbreak, as well as the contaminated food recall from XL Food plant in Atla.

The non-food activities conducted by the Inspection agency including trade, economic, animal health and plant health issues will remain with Agri-Food and Agricultural sector. According to a news release, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will continue supporting the Agriculture and Agri-Food minister in carrying out the mentioned responsibilities. In addition, the release noted that Canada’s public safety system in general would be bolstered by the move. It will ensure that there is easy collaboration, clear focus, as well as timely communication with citizens regarding food safety. Additionally, the change would serve as a means of underscoring the food inspection agency’s commitment to prioritize food safety.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been criticized by the political party NDP for a very long time on the grounds that its actions are not sufficient to prevent food-related outbreaks. According to NDP, the move in question was just for cosmetic purpose. NDP said that there was a need to make other changes in addition to a change in ministerial changes. According to Malcolm Allen, NDP’S agricultural critic, there was the need for directional change.