Jones Soda Co. Jones Soda Co. is a beverage manufacturing company based in Washington in the US. The company is well-known for its soda in a variety of flavors.

The history of Jones Soda Co. traces back to 1987 when founder Peter van Stolk founded Urban Hand Limited in Edmonton, which specialized in beverage distribution. In Sept 1987, he made an agreement with Just Pick’t Juices, and started distributing its products. In 1989, the company was relocated to Calgary in Alberta, and the headquarters was established in Vancouver in British Columbia. By 1992, he was distributing Thomas Kemper Sodas in Canada. Over the next couple of years, Stolk also started distribution of Arizona Iced Teas and West End Soda in Canada.

Stolk soon decided to develop his own products and thus Jones Soda Co. was formed. In March 1995, the first brand of the company was introduced named WAZU. Another brand, Jones Soda Co. was introduced in 1996. During the late 1990s, distribution of other beverages was discontinued, and the company concentrated on developing and distributing its own beverages. In 1997, the name of the company was changed to Urban Juice & Soda Company Ltd.

New flavors of Jones Soda Co. were introduced in Canada, and Massachusetts and Washington in USA. Stolk also allowed his customers to design the soda bottles, making the company very popular in the media and among consumers. Thus, the name of the company appeared in many leading newspapers and television programs. The company also started selling its products to the leading retailers. During the late 1990s, more products were added to its product line including Natural Jones Soda, Slim Jones, and WhoopAss. In 1999, it launched a new website. It also started making new flavors of soda such as Pineapple Upside-Down Soda and Blue Bubblegum Soda.

In August 2000, the company was renamed as Jones Soda Co. A new brand was also introduced, Jones Juice, which included teas and juices in a variety of flavors. Later in 2002, the name Jones Juice was changed to Jones Naturals. By 2003, Barnes and Noble started selling Jones Naturals in its cafes. By August 2004, the products also reached the shelves of Target and Winn-Dixie Stores Inc.

Company headquarters: 234 9th Avenue North, Seattle, WA, USA
Ownership: Public
Annual revenue: $20.1 million
Number of employees: 38
Geography: USA
Demography: Young, Natural and Organic

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