Pathmark SupermarketPathmark is a major supermarket chain that operates within the Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey metropolitan areas of America. They sell an array of grocery products including meat, dairy, baked goods and seafood.

The first Pathmark store came about in 1968, once all the Shop Rite stores changed their name. After the name change, the company continued to soar with Pathmark being responsible for 85% of their parent company’s earnings. They added pharmacies and gas stations to draw in even more customers than their competitors.

During the 1970’s, Pathmark opened their doors for 24-hours day during the working week and they remained open during regular working hours at the weekend. This opened their market to night shift workers, as well as their normal client base. In 1974, the Pathmark Company paved the way for computer scanners at the checkout and over the years this was rolled out in all 96 stores. Other developments included adding health and beauty products, video rental, mini banks and small electrical appliances on top of the existing product range.

On entering the 1980s, the company was making annual revenue of $2.8 billion making it the 10th largest supermarket in the country. However, this was not going to last much longer as the needs of the customer began to change, the no-frills approach was no longer appealing and was referred to in reviews as “unkempt, dirty and outmoded.” The company responded by prettifying the business and in 1993 attempted to take the company public, but the investors did not support this decision so it did not go ahead.

Essentially this was the end for the company; the 1990’s saw financial issue after financial issue snowballing down and in 2000 they filed for bankruptcy. Despite recovering quickly in 2001 there is another bankruptcy on the card as the parent company is in a massive amount of debt and facing bankruptcy.

The company’s customer service team can be contacted at the company headquarters at the following address: 301 Blair Road, Woodbridge, New Jersey, 07095-0915, U.S.A. Other important statistics about the company can be found listed below:

Ownership: Supermarkets General Holding Corp
Public / Private: Private
Mergers: Grand Union Supermarkets, Supermarkets Operating Co
Number of Stores: 132 in 2007
Number of Employees: 20,700
Annual Revenue: $3.7 billion in 1997
Geography: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
Demographic: Value Shoppers
Special Services: Pharmacy, Mini Bank and Gas Stations

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