Bakery-productsSugars are naturally found in foods like milk and fruits. There is no need to reduce the consumption of such naturally occurring sugars. It is evident that sugars also serve as additives in a broad range of food items including cakes, sweets, chocolates, cookies, juice drinks and soft drinks. We need to aim at reducing such sugar types in our diets.

Why it is Important to Cut Down On Sugars

Evidence has shown that many children and adults consume sugar levels that are higher than the levels recommended as part of a balanced diet. Foods containing additional sugars are also a source of calories. Eating such foods contributes to weight issues. Drinks and foods with added sugar have calories along with other nutrients in small amounts. We should eat these food types to get a healthy and balanced diet. Calories should be obtained from other food types including starchy vegetables and fruits.

Sugary foods have also been known to contribute to tooth decay, especially if consumed between meals. Damage is caused when sugary food comes into contact with teeth. Tooth decay may not result from sugars that are naturally found in whole fruits. This is because such sugars occur within the fruit’s structure.

Tips for Cutting Down On Sugars

There are a number of tips that can help one to cut down on sugars. One of the key tips is choosing unsweetened fruit juice and water instead of sugary soft drinks. For those who like soft drinks, it is advisable to use sparkling water for diluting fruit juice. Instead of using honey or jam on toast, it is recommended to try a low-fat cream cheese or a sliced banana.