Sofina Foods, Inc. is a Canadian company that is engaged mainly in the processing of protein products. The company is headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Sofina Foods, Inc. is one of Canada’s leading protein processing companies. The company has a portfolio of both national and private label products. Whether it is turkey, beef, chicken or pork meat products, Sofina has it covered.

The company supplies its products to both retail consumers and foodservice operators. As part of its strong commitment to its customers, Sofina makes it a priority to develop innovative packaging of its products, as well as implement customized processing of these products. The company is also committed to research and the development of new products and technology, those that ensure that the company will exceed customers’ expectations.

Sofina Foods has a high regard for its customers. The company’s thousand-plus employees work hard in order to satisfy the demands of customers. Sofina believes that in order to satisfy customers, it is important to satisfy the demands of its employees first.

As proof of the company’s strong commitment to food safety, Sofina has six processing facilities that have all been HACCP-certified. HACCP, or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a system of approach that is applied for the purpose of product safety. This system addresses the prevention of physical, biological and chemical hazards in the entire process of food manufacturing. Being HACCP-certified, customers are assured that the products that they are getting from the company are of the highest quality.

Sofina Foods’ operations are not limited to Canada alone. The company has expanded its operations to the Northwestern part of the United States, as well as Japan. In fact, one of the company’s processing facilities is in the United States. Sofina Foods’ products, aside from being distributed under its own private label, are also distributed under the following brands: Fletcher’s, Quality Meats, Cuddy and Vienna.

Aside from focusing on the production of high-quality products, Sofina Foods also participates in activities in support of the community. Most of the activities it participates in are those that support children, like the “Sofina Friends Fund” and the “Sofina & Amici Golf Classic.”

Headquarters: Markham, Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: About 1,200
Geography:Canada, Northwestern USA, Japan
Demography: Foodservice operators, retail products consumers

Lilydale, Fletcher’s, Cuddy, Quality Meats,Vienna

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